Robyn Tullius – Director in Charge

Judging will take place Saturday at 7:30 am in the Home Arts Building.

To enter, exhibitor must purchase a Senior Fair Membership Ticket. All exhibits in this department must be grown or produced by the exhibitors. Fruits showing noticeable insect or fungus injury cannot compete. Fruit will be judged on freedom from blemishes, condition, color, size and uniformity. All fruits and vegetables must be identified by variety. All varieties of each fruit and vegetable will be judged against each other, not by varieties. Space is available on a first come basis. Unlisted will be judged together unless there are more than 3 entries of that variety.


1 Apples3.002.001.00
2 Plums3.002.001.00
3 Peaches3.002.001.00
4 Quinces3.002.001.00
5 Pears3.002.001.00
6 Grapes3.002.001.00


7 Horseradish Root3.002.001.00
8 Potatoes, Red Pontiac, plate of
9 Potatoes, Irish Cobbler, plate of
10 Potatoes, Kennebec, plate of
11 Potatoes, any other kind, plate of
12 Sweet Potatoes, all varieties, plate of
13 Beans, Green, 12 on a plate3.002.001.00
14 Beans, Red Kidney, shelled ½ cup3.002.001.00
15 Beans, String, yellow, 12 on a plate3.002.001.00
16 Beans, other shelled, ½ cup3.002.001.00
17 Beans, Lima, green, shelled ½ cup3.002.001.00
18 Beans, Lima, green, 12 on a plate3.002.001.00
19 Beans, Horticulture, shelled ½ cup3.002.001.00
20 Beans, any other variety, 2 or ½ cup3.002.001.00

(Exhibit to consist of 1 unless otherwise indicated)

21 Onions, White, plate of
22 Onions, Yellow, plate of
23 Carrots, plate of
24 Radish, plate of
25 Cucumbers, plate of
26 Cucumbers, largest3.002.001.00
27 Beets, plate of
28 Celery3.002.001.00
29 Cabbage, Red3.002.001.00
30 Cabbage, Green3.002.001.00
31 Cabbage, Largest3.002.001.00
32 Egg Plant, Plate of
33 Tomatoes, Red, Plate of
34 Tomatoes, Yellow, Plate of
35 Tomatoes, Red, small, 10 on a plate3.002.001.00
36 Tomatoes, other varieties, 3 on a plate3.002.001.00
37 Tomatoes, largest3.002.001.00
38 Peppers, sweet green, 3 on a plate3.002.001.00
39 Peppers, sweet red, 3 on a plate3.002.001.00
40 Rhubarb, 6 stalks3.002.001.00
41 Zucchini Squash3.002.001.00
42 Zucchini Squash, Largest3.002.001.00
43 Acorn Squash3.002.001.00
44 Summer Squash, White Scalloped3.002.001.00
45 Summer Squash, Yellow3.002.001.00
46 Crooked Neck, yellow squash3.002.001.00
47 Pumpkin Pie3.002.001.00
48 Pumpkin, Golden Oblong3.002.001.00
49 Pumpkin, Largest3.002.001.00
50 Watermelon, Round3.002.001.00
51 Watermelon, Long3.002.001.00
52 Watermelon, Largest3.002.001.00
53 Cantaloupe, largest3.002.001.00
54 Other Vegetables not listed3.002.001.00
55 Sunflower, largest head3.002.001.00
56 Berries, all varieties judged separately3.002.001.00
57 Tallest Corn Stalk3.002.001.00
58 Corn Stalk, most ears3.002.001.00
59 Gourd3.002.001.00
60 Sweet Corn, 3 ears to a plate3.002.001.00
61 Most unusual vegetable3.002.001.00
62 Peppers, Hot3.002.001.00
63 Peppers, Banana3.002.001.00
64 Peppers, Cayenne3.002.001.00
65 Peppers, Any other variety
66 Herbs3.002.001.00
67 Open3.002.001.00

All grains and seeds must be grown by exhibitor.
1st – $3.00       2nd – 2.00    3rd – 1.00

68Peck of white wheat3.002.001.00
69Peck of red wheat3.002.001.00
70Peck of Rye3.002.001.00
71Peck of Oats3.002.001.00
72Peck of Buckwheat3.002.001.00
73Peck of Soybeans3.002.001.00
74Field Corn ½ dozen yellow3.002.001.00
75Field Corn ½ dozen white3.002.001.00
76Popcorn ½ dozen yellow
77Popcorn ½ dozen white3.002.001.00
781 Qt Timothy Seed3.002.001.00
791 Qt Red Clover3.002.001.00
80Grains not listed3.002.001.00
81Sunflower seeds one head3.002.001.00