2024 Sternwheel Camping Reservations

To reserve camping for Sternwheeler Weekend please complete this form-


Overnight Camping

Looking for a camping spot? We have full hookups available. This is an ideal place to bring your family and camper. You can enjoy the beautiful town of Marietta, enjoy a relaxing walk on the bike path that runs around the fairgrounds, or go roller skating that is located on the fairgrounds.

Camping is on the Honor System. Envelopes can be picked up at the Fair Board office to the right of the double glass doors and deposited in the drop box, same location.

  • Year-Round Camping: $35.00/night per camper
  • $125/week or $ 450/month
  • Spots on asphalt available
  • Approximately 100 hook-ups with electric (30 amp service) and water in our main campgrounds (located at the back of the fairgrounds)
  • Full hook-ups available (30 amp & 50 amp service) at each pole with water and sewer drop.
  • Full hook-ups are located on the blacktop at the front of our fairgrounds.
  • Camping is available year-round, however, water is shut off to all outside sources from November 1 thru April 30 each year.
  • Reservations are required for the Washington County Fair Camping (held Labor Day weekend) and the Sternwheel Festival (weekend after Labor Day) or for Group Camping.


  1. The head of the camping unit must be 18 years of age and be responsible and be held accountable and liable for all the behavior and welfare of all other persons camping with them. The head of camping unit will also be held responsible for any said damages that may be noted at their assigned campsite.
  2. Pets will be permitted on the campground. They must be kept on a leash, in a cage, or within the camping unit. The board reserves the right to state whether or not the animal’s noise level is deemed too loud if there are complaints that may be made. The owner will be asked to find alternative placement for the animal if the board deems the animal too loud or out of compliance with the rules.
  3. NO CAMPFIRES, NO EXCEPTIONS. If there is noted to be a campfire camper will be asked to leave, pay a $350 dollar fine, and lose any unused fees and be subject to legal reprimand.
  4. Quiet hour begins at 12 midnight. The board reserves the right to regulate what is considered an acceptable noise level. If that noise level exceeds the board’s expectations, said camper will be asked to leave.
  5. Please place trash in its proper receptacle. The board reserves the right to request campers to vacate the premises without any refund of any unused funds on the campsite. The camper may also be required to pay at $50 littering fine. If the site is vacated at any time by the camper and litter remains, the board reserves the right to charge a $100 fine and the head of the camping unit may be subject to legal action.
  6. NO SEWER or GRAY WATER is permitted to be discharged directly on the ground. If violation is noted, said camper will be asked to vacate immediately, all unused camping fees will be left with the board, and said camper will be charged a $500 fine and be subject to legal action.
  7. All fire lanes are to be kept open; you will be towed at your own expense.
  8. The board will not tolerate public intoxication, loud excessive profane language or any type of disorderly conduct. It will be at the board’s discretion to state what is considered disorderly conduct, ask you to leave the campgrounds, and depending on the severity of the act, will be subject to legal action.
  9. There is to be no consumption of any alcoholic beverages in the public arena, and to be no notation of any illegal substances. Any such actions will result in immediate removal from the grounds, no refunds of any unused fees, and said camper will also be subject to legal action.
  10. There are to be no golf carts, atvs or any other type motorized transportation vehicles, unless approved by the board in writing. If approved by the board, they are not to be used on the midway. Scooters for the disabled are permitted.
  11. All vehicles are to be out of the fairgrounds no later than the Friday night before the start of the fair on Saturday, unless approved by the board. If approved by the board you will be issued a parking pass for you window, and this must be present for the entire fair. There will be no exceptions and will be monitored by the board. If noted to not have the pass, said vehicle will be towed at the owner’s own expense.
  12. All individuals must have a membership pass, season pass, or wristbands. NO EXCEPTIONS. The board reserves the right to inspect any and all passes of any type.
  13. The board reserves the right to cancel or refuse any person or camper.
  14. The board will not responsible for any type of accident of any kind.
  15. Your camper may be removed on Tuesday before 10am. If the camper is not removed by 10am, then the camper must remain on the fairgrounds and cannot be removed until 8pm Tuesday night. Anyone having a camper on a campsite after 12pm Wednesday will be charged a daily rate for the camping. The rate charged will be the rate in effect at that time.
  16. Fair camping will be from Wednesday before the fair until 12pm on Wednesday after the fair. Any camper in a camping site after 12pm on Wednesday without permission will be charged the current camping rate in effect and be towed at owner’s own expense.

Your cooperation in following these rules will be greatly appreciated. Let it be known that any failure in following these rules will subject the camper to the above state reprimand, and legal action.

Please remember, we are a fairgrounds with a Camping Facility. We are not a campground. Please do not expect all the amenities that a campground offers. The Fair Board of Directors are a group of volunteers that do their best to keep the fairgrounds clean, mowed and in working order while planning next years fair and all our other events that generate revenue to pay our bills.