Fred Boyd  – Director in Charge

  1. All vehicles will be parked in either the golf driving range rage area on the east side of the Fair Grounds, off Fair Avenue.
    • Fair board members (Junior and Senior) may park their vehicles inside the fairgrounds.
    • Horse Judges may park inside the race track, but are asked to come in through the Cattle Barn Gate.
  2. All service vehicles are being asked to make their deliveries before 8:00AM.
  3. Exhibitors may deliver necessary items to the Cattle Gate between 8:00AM and 9:00AM each day. Garden tractors with trailers will be available to make deliveries inside the Fair Grounds.
    • No Exhibitors’ vehicles will be permitted inside the gates during the fair.
    • All exhibitors must be outside the gates by 8:00 AM on Saturday.
  4. Tractor puller, Truck pullers, and ATV and Truck Drag entrants will use the Cattle Barn Gate off Pennsylvania Avenue.