Brian Barth – Directors in Charge


  1. A maximum draw bar height of 12” on a stationary hitch
  2. Weights must be securely fastened and not extended over 24” from furthest point of original tractor, front or rear.
  3. Both front wheels must touch once during a pull.
  4. Maximum tire size 23x850x12. Modified rims are permissible.
  5. Tractor may be entered with three (3) drivers per tractor per class.
  6. Pulling chain will be thirty inces in length, including hooks.
  7. No tractor will be permitted to hook to the sled without a distance of 12” or more, hooking point of sled to boundry.
  8. The entry fee is $2.00 for each class entered.

900 lb. Youth division, for children 13 years of age and under as of January 1 of current year

1000 lb. Powder Puff Division

1000 lb. Open Division, any age or sex

1200 lb. Open Division, any age or sex