Fred Boyd, President
Ron Offenberger, Vice President
Lisa McNish, Secretary
Candy Nelson, Treasurer

Steve Binegar
Brian Barth
Jake Hall
Jeff Henthorn
Dean McCoy
Morgan McCoy
Sheldon McCoy
Shawn Offenberger
Ron Offenberger
Jeff Schultheisz
Emily Griffin
Cody Griffin
Robyn Tullius

Chelsey Schott

Livestock Committee

Mary Campbell- Lifetime Member
Sheep- Kalleigh Mason,
Beef- Garry Waggoner
Beef- Wayne Isner
Goat- T.J. Wells
Goat- Curt Welch
Dairy- (Carl) Reese McAfee
At Large- Paula Smith
At Large- Rusty Antill
At Large- Ross Lane
At Large- Jim Woodruff
At Large- Andy Smith
At Large- Dan Mason
Sr. FB- Katelynne Anderson
Sr. FB- Donny McNish
Sr. FB- Candy Nelson
Sr. FB -Morgan McCoy
Sr. FB -Steve Binegar
Poultry -Madalyn Treadway
Poultry- Raymond Bailey
Rabbit- Jeremy Barth
Ex-Officio- 4-H Educator Bruce Zimmer
4-H Program Coordinator Kathryn Hartline

On Monday, Labor Day, from 1:00 PM until 7:00 PM in the Home Arts Building, the regular election will be held at which time ten (10) directors will be elected to serve. Seven (7) directors with a 3-year term, three (3) directors with a 2-year term.

Any resident of Washington County holding a membership ticket is entitled to vote as stated in Article V, Section 3, of the Constitution of this board.

No one is denied access to the premises due to race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.