August 31-September 3, 2019
Robyn Tullius-Director in charge
Judging time: 1pm Saturday, September 1
Merchants Hall, Lower Level


  • All listings in this section of rules are declared to be Eastern Daylight Savings Time.
  • All persons exhibiting in the Junior Division of the flower shall be under the age of 18 and purchase a Washington County Junior Fair Ticket.
  • Premiums-participation of $3.00 per exhibit, limit of five (5) exhibits per Exhibitor.
  • All exhibits must have an entry tag that lists:
    • Exhibitors name
    • Class number
    • Name of plant(s) or specimen or materials used where applicable
    • Membership ticket number
    • Age of Exhibitor
    • Note: Additional information, as required, may be added to tag before judging begins.
    • Exhibitors may make changes to their Artistic Designs until 12pm noon, Saturday.
    • Print information clearly so it can be easily read by the Judges.
  • Exhibit delivery time and day to the Hall are as follows:
    • Potted Plant-Between 7am Thursday and 4pm Friday.
    • Specimen Flowers-Between 4pm Thursday and 9am Saturday.
    • Floral Design- Between 4pm Thursday and 9:30am Saturday.
    • Note-Access to the Fairgrounds on Saturday may be extremely difficult due to parade traffic from 10am-2pm.
  • Exhibits in all sections are to be arranged by the Staging Committee. Size limitations and specifications: Limitations are set to foster fairness in competition.
  • Potted plant section size limitations and specifications:
    • Single plant exhibits– An approximate area of 12”x12” will be provided for display. Pots should not exceed more than 10” across the top. Accessories are only permitted when used as support.
    • Dish Gardens– An approximate area of 14”x14” will be provided for display. Dish Gardens should not exceed more than 12” at its greatest measurement across the top of the container.  Cannot exceed 6” deep.   Must have at least 3 different types, varieties, or cultivars of plants. Accessories are permitted.
    • Fairy Gardens will be allowed an 18” wide space for display. Must have at least 3 different types, varieties, or cultivars of plants and accessories.
  • Specimen (cut flower) section specifications:
    • Must have been grown by Exhibitor.
    • Should be in clean, clear, and plain glass containers proportionally sized and large enough to provide adequate stability.
    • Should be ready to display by The Staging Committee by having been properly groomed, and a completed tag affixed to the container.
    • Disbudding is considered a standard practice unless otherwise indicated in the list of classes.
    • Other specifications, such as size of blooms, number of single bloom stems, mixed or single colors, not disbudded, etc., will follow each class number in this section.
    • Note:  Tags can be fastened to the containers by tape or slipped under a rubber band that has been placed around the container.  Clear bottles can be used as containers; a good source is from the Marietta recycling center.
  • Artistic-Floral Design specifications:
    • The work must be done by Exhibitor listed on the entry tag.
    • An Exhibitor can only have one exhibit per class.
    • Exhibitor does not need to have grown the materials used in the Design.
    • Dried materials can be painted.
    • Fresh/live materials CANNOT be painted or dyed.
    • NO artificial (silk or plastic) representations of flowers/plants are allowed.
  • Exhibits should be of show quality.
  • The rules of standard flower show practices as stated by The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc. in the Exhibitors and Judges Handbook shall govern this show and should be referenced by Exhibitors when preparing exhibits. Handbooks are available through The Washington County Library and one will be at the Merchants hall on Thursday until the end of the fair.
  • The Staging Committee may add, subdivide, or combine classes as exhibits warrant.
  • The Staging Committee reserves the right to disqualify any exhibit that does not meet the guidelines set forth in these rules.

HORTICULTURESection 1: Potted Plants
893 FAIRY GARDENS (Special Class)

HORTICULTURE – Section 2: Specimen Flowers
894 MARIGOLD small, French type, 1 stem, not disbudded
895 MARIGOLD large, American/African type, 1 bloom
896 ZINNIA large, 3” and over, 1 bloom, any variety
897 ZINNIA medium, under 3”, single or mixed colors, 3 blooms
898 CELOSIA plumed or crested not disbudded
899 UNCLASSIFIED 1 stem or spray, not disbudded

ARTISTIC – Floral Design

Field Day-Let the Games Begin
900 Arrangers choice

Labor Day-Back to School
901 Arrangers choice