Washington County Fair

FAIR FEVER!!!!!!!!!! LET IT BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
 So starting August 29th, 2014 to September 2nd 2014, let the fair festivities begin!!!!!!!
Starting on Friday August the 28th, the rides, the food, the animals, and the campers will begin to roll in. We are ready are YOU ready????
Saturday August 30th 2014
7:30am Home Arts, Fruits and Vegetables and Horticulture Judging begins in the Home Arts Building.
8am Gates to the General Public open, Ticket Prices are $25.00 for Seasons Pass, and Daily Admission at the Gate is $9.00 and Children 5 and under are free.
9am Farm Stock Tractor Pull in front of the Grandstand
9am ATV Racing to be held on the Driving Range
10am Fair Parade begins, Line up is to begin behind Don Drumm Stadium and proceeds down Front Street to the Fair Grounds.
12 Noon Midway opens with CROMER RIDE COMPANY.  * If you purchase a $9.00 ticket on entry through the gates, this $9.00 includes all rides and activities in front of the Grandstand. If you have purchased a $25.00 Season Ticket, or if you are a Junior Fair Exhibitor and have paid $5.00 for your wristband, this DOES NOT ALLOW you to ride the rides. YOU MUST PURCHASE ANOTHER TICKET FOR $5.00 TO ALLOW YOU TO RIDE THE RIDES! Sorry for any trouble this might have caused.
12:30pm  Jr. Fair Rabbit Showmanship
To Immediately Follow Showmanship there will be the Jr.Fair Rabbit and Poultry Demonstration Contest.
1pm Jr. Fair Horse Show at the Horse Arena
         Little Prince and Princess Contest in Civitan Park
         Flower Judging in the Merchants Hall
         Longrider Band will be performing at the fun stage in 
               Civitan Park!!!!
          Starting at 1pm to 5pm there will be an equipment 
          challenge will be held, and the place will be place will
          be determined in which it will be held. 
 3pm Jr.Fair Poultry/Turkey Showmanship in the
          Rabbit/Poultry barn.
          Dairy Feeder Steer Showmanship in the Mulitpurpose
          building, this will immediately follow the Black
          and White Holstein show, however will not start before
4pm  Jr. Fair Cake Decorating Contest to be held in the
          Jr. Fair building.
         Insured Sounds Band will be performing at the fun stage
          in Civitan Park
          Nail Driving Contest - place to be announced
5pm  Jr. Fair Dairy Feeder Steer Show (Market Classes)
         to be held in the Multipurpose building
         From 5pm to 6pm the Midway shuts down for
         safety inspection.
         Coin Hunt for ages 12 and under
           Pie Baking Contest Judging in the Home Arts Building.
6pm  Truck and Tractor Pull - Hot Classes- to be held in
         front of the Grandstand.
         On the Fun Stage there will be KARAOKE 
         Pie Auction at the Home Arts Building!!!! MMMM 
         HOME MADE PIE!!!!  And Rumor has it there will be 
         PLENTY of ice cream on the grounds to go with it!!!!!
11pm  Midway Closes for the night.
EACH DAY:    Granpa Cratchet will be here performing
                      3 shows a day for your children to teach
                      them all about SAFETY in a fun way. Please 
                      go to the navigation bar and click on his own 
                      information page here.
                     Great Lakes Timber Show will be here everyday
                     to bring you the rolling lumber jack fun for 3 
                    shows a day as well!!!!!!!
                   Pampered Pets Petting Farm will be found in the 
                   sheep and goat barn. Come see all the cute baby
                   animals brought to you by Missy and Rusty Antill!!
Sunday, August 31
9am    Worship Service
            Junior Market Goat Showmanship
            Junior Market Goat Show (Market Classes)
            Junior Fair Goat Breeding Showmanship
            Junior Fair Goat Breeding Show 
            All Junior Fair Goat Shows are to be held in 
            Multipurpose Building Show Arena 
10am   Pioneer City Riding Club Contest in the Horse Arena
            Small Tractor Tug Pull
11am    Junior Fair Poultry Judging in the Rabbit/Poultry barn
12noon  Junior Fair Rabbit Judging in the Rabbit/Poultry 
              Harness Horse Racing (Pari-Mutual Wagering)
              To be in front of the Grandstand, so come get
              your gambling on!!!!!
1pm      Junior Fair Market Beef Showmanship in the 
             Multipurpose Building. (Immediately following
             Goat Show but not before 1pm)
              Midway Opens
              Fun Stage   Buck and Company Band
              Equipment Challenge from 1pm to 5pm the place
              to do the challenge will be announced at the fair.
                     Grain Bin Storage Rescue Training at the Old Rabbit
              Barn Area.
2pm        Junior Fair Market Beef Show (Market Classes)
                4-H Demonstration Contest
4pm         Junior Fair Beef Breeding Showmanship
                 Junior Fair Beef Breeding (Immediately following 
                 Beef Breeding Showmanship) This will also be done
                 Concurrently with open beef show
                 Fun Stage- Space Chickens Band
                 Nail Driving Contest 
5pm          Midway rides close from 5pm to 6pm for safety
                 Ladies Lead and Goat Dress up at this time in Multi
                 Purpose arena.   

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