Printable 2020 Washington County Junior Fair Proposal

This proposal is based upon the Responsible Restart Ohio guidelines set by the Governor of the State of Ohio and Ohio Health Director.
Participant WaiverCamping WaiverVolunteer Waiver

PPE & Safety Measures

  • Face coverings during the Washington County Fair will be required by all directors, employees, volunteers, spectators, and participants.
  • Masks will be available at the office for $1.00 for those who may need one.
  • There will be signage around the fairgrounds a well as PA announcements to encourage facial covering and social distancing.
  • To discourage mass gatherings the board will charge a $5 gate admission to keep foot traffic deterred. We are encouraging immediate family to attend the shows. Shows will also be live-streamed through Facebook to accommodate those who do not attend.
  • The board will frequently remind those gathering to please practice social distancing, especially if you are not immediate family.

Hand washing/sanitizing

  • There will be signage around the fairgrounds as well as PA announcements to encourage good hand washing/sanitizing practices
  • Additional handwashing/sanitizing stations will be placed near high traffic areas as well as in every barn
  • Grounds/cleaning crew will regularly clean and restock stations
  • Haas Septic will be providing sanitation and toilet necessities.

Restroom/Port a John

  • Haas Septic has been hired to properly sanitize and clean all restroom facilities
  • Restrooms will be cleaned every 2 hours
  • There will be an additional port a johns utilized in the barn area, these will be pumped at minimum once a day with additional cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Haas Septic will be providing sanitation and toilet necessities.


  • Crew will be educated on ReStart Ohio Guidelines and required to sign liability waiver
  • Pick up trash over entire fair area
  • Crew will empty trash cans periodically
  • Clean picnic tables

Signage & PA Announcements

  • There will be a COVID-19 symptoms and warning sign at entrance to fairgrounds
  • Signage will be posted regarding proper hand washing/sanitizing, no large clusters of people, maintain 6 feet of social distancing, and facial cover wearing
  • Frequent PA announcement on grounds, in barns and show arena will be made to encourage 6 feet of social distancing, no group clustering, and wearing of facial coverings


  • Will sign waiver
  • Will be educated on all precautions, those at high risk will be cautioned
  • Temperature checks will be performed in the office each day
  • Facial coverings will be worn

Ticket Sales

  • Washington County Fair will encourage the purchase of membership/season passes in advance to avoid any extra contact/money handling at the gate
  • Gates will have plexi-glass hanging between volunteer and spectator when performing ticket sale. Facial covering will be worn by all volunteers

Building Capacity

  • The majority of enclosed buildings on the grounds will be locked during the 2020 fair.
  • The Fair office will be open and will encourage social distancing, one person (family) entry at a time while others remain outside the building until their turn, perform frequent cleaning of counter, desk and common areas.
  • All buildings, show arena and barns will be evaluated by the local fire chief for occupancy limits.

Amusement Rides

  • Amusement rides and midway games will be suspended for the 2020 fair season.

Harness Racing


  • Barns will be disinfected prior to the start of the fair after pen set up
  • Barns will be sanitized between after shows and between species
  • Barns will be sanitized at the end of each day after exhibitors have been dismissed
  • Pens will be placed to allow for as much social distancing as possible. Exhibitors will be grouped in families when possible. There will be empty pens left were possible.
  • Exhibitors will be required to wear masks during feeding, and will be encouraged to feed minimal times during the day to reduce overcrowding in barn area. Pen cleaning must also be done during feeding.
  • All barns will provide adequate air flow by having all doors open; walk through, overhead and sliding doors will be open during the fair.
  • Signage will be posted; social distancing, hand washing practice, stay home if you are sick, wear facial coverings
  • The Washington County Fair Board and the Washington County Livestock Committee will monitor for compliance and cleanliness
  • No loitering or sleeping in barns
  • All barns will have one way traffic.

Jr. Fair Animal Exhibits

  • Parents will conduct a daily symptom assessment of the exhibitor
  • All exhibitors will sign a waiver at DUNF check in on Friday
  • Livestock weigh in will be scheduled to maintain social distancing. Only one exhibitor and one parent will be permitted to move the animals for the truck/trailer through weight-in and on to the stall/pen. Once the animals are in place, exhibitors are asked to leave the fairgrounds. –
  • All livestock shows will have no more than 10 exhibitors in one class
  • All livestock shows have been scheduled to accommodate the 10 pm curfew and will be finished before that time allowing families time to feed and dismiss before 10 pm. All barns will be closed at 10 pm.
  • Microphones will be disinfected between users
  • Judges will be required to wear a mask, all communication with exhibitor will be done via microphone while maintaining social distance
  • Spectators will be encouraged by signage and PA announcements to practice social distancing at all times
  • One way entry to show arena; one way exit from show arena limiting overcrowding with classes waiting to show
  • Entry/Exit gates are to be disinfected between classes
  • Handshakes, high fives, or any physical contact between exhibitors or judges will be discouraged with signage and announcements
  • Breeding projects will be dismissed directly after shows to allow for more room in the barns

Jr. Fair Exhibits

  • Jr Fair exhibits have been limited to 4-H booths only.
  • Booth set-up will be from 9am-9pm to allow for ample time to set up while practicing social distancing.
  • 4-H clubs will be set in every other booth
  • Clubs will be limited to have 10 volunteers at one time to help set up

Special Interest

  • Judging days and times will be spaced out to allow for less Judges and participants per judging session
  • Entrance and Exit lanes into the building and judging spaces will be designated
  • Spectators will be required to bring their own seating and encouraged to social distance via signage and announcements. No bleachers will be present at any show.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be provided for each Judge to use between handling exhibitor’s project materials
  • Other surfaces/tables will be wiped/sanitized once per hour
  • Clorox bleach solution and paper towels will be used for sanitation
  • Photos will be taken of each exhibitor and their project, non-contact, and will be assigned a time by specie. Only the exhibitor and one parents may attend pictures.


  • Buyers packets will be sent out before the sale to avoid unnecessary contact at check in
  • Buyers will be encouraged to bring their own chairs and maintain social distancing
  • Buyers reception will only consist of a beverage that will be handed to them by a volunteer following Restaurant and Food Guidelines
  • McLeish Auction service and the Livestock Committee will work to creating a checkout system that will allow for minimal contact and ensure social distancing. Their auction trailer will be used for checkout to keep distance from the buyers.
  • Animals and exhibitors will be spread out to ensure social distancing while waiting to enter the sale ring marked by X’s
  • The multi-purpose building will be cleared out as much as possible, by allowing all breeding projects to be dismissed directly after their last show, to allow for ample room to social distance
  • Exhibitors will not give gifts, pictures, or handshakes to buyers
  • Parents will be asked to only enter the barn to watch their children show, and dismiss themselves back outside after.
  • Buyers and parents will have designated seating areas

Food Concessions

  • Concession trailers will be spaced to allow for social distancing and encouraged to maintain ordering queue
  • Concessionaires will follow Restaurant Food Service Health Orders
  • No picnic tables or other seating will be set out to
  • No self service
  • Request touch-less transactions if possible


  • Campers will be placed for social distancing and follow Restart Ohio Guidelines for camping
  • All campers will sign liability waiver
  • No group gatherings
  • Encourage all campers to use their own restrooms, if available
  • No early pull out of campers, must remain for the week.